The Carson Wentz age is in full effect in Philadelphia and the Super Bowl LII champion is enthusiastic about his future with the Eagles.
After his signing the dotted line last Thursday on a four-year extension worth around $144 million, Wentz addressed the media Monday about his quick decision to stay with the team that drafted him second complete a mere three years back.
„I feel the two sides wanted to get it done. I knew I needed this to be home for quite a while,“ Wentz said, donned in a dapper green match with an Eagles pin secured to his lapel. „Ever since being drafted, it’s felt like house and therefore, as soon as we found something that was a win-win and a fair chance, I jumped at it , like I saidI love this place. I would like to be here for a short time.
„I don’t believe this civilization or this town could fit me any better, just with all the fire they bring and how bad they would like to win and I am wired exactly the exact same way.“
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While Wentz did not dive too deep into the specifics of the discussions, the quarterback noticed that talks were in the works for a few months and he didn’t want to bog himself down with all the facts, having confidence in his agents as well as the company to find a happy medium.
„There was lots of various ways this thing might have went. I left it up to them and said’You guys do what you do.‘ I have a good deal of trust in the things they do and how they operate, so I was in the know and not from this loop, but in the exact same time I did not need to get too involved,“ he said. „I had been concentrated on OTAs and we’re out here as a staff. I believe that this ended up working out since it was supposed to.“
Though the 2019 season will only be Wentz’s fourth in the NFL, the North Dakota State product has accomplished a long time in his youthful career. Numbers don’t lie and both Eagles and Wentz have attracted some ringing digits into the dining table, both on and off the field. But, the magic has been strong since Wentz came aboard, and both sides feel the good times will only keep rolling from here.
„They found something special in me and at precisely the same time in saw something unique at this place. I really could see the chemistryI could observe the civilization, the makeup from the minute I came here on my trip ahead of the draft,“ he shared. „I knew there was something different here, I knew there was something specific and we could accomplish something special a couple years back.
„It’s been quite the ride for all these couple years but I’m quite excited about what the future brings.“

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